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Our Story

About us

Polexe Systems™ is an all in one solution for shelving, storage, display, and workstation. We have provided seamlessly integrated solutions for hundreds of commercial and residential projects - Founded in 2015 and located in Orange County, California, we ship all across the country and worldwide, and we provide installations in the SoCal area.

How can we help you?

We aim to serve you and your ideas. The degree of our direction comes down to the necessities of your project. We want to best help you and your plans through our systematic, modular components that seamlessly mingle with your well-crafted concepts. Think of us as the nudge to impel your ideas into existence. Our focus is to actively support your shelving needs for your business or resident, while meticulously striving for consistency and excellent customer support.

Why buy from us?

At Polexe Systems™, we are environmentally conscious we with all of our parts and components, and we follow the latest LEED guidelines. All of our components are made in the US.  Our aluminum is made of 6105-T5 aluminum, which has a wide range of advantages like it's lightweight yet substantial, resilient, corrosion-resistant, nontoxic, and timeless aesthetic. We manufacture our wood components by an FSC certified third party known for their sustainability and responsibilities towards the environment. 

Customer Service

We offer free design support that can help get your project off the ground. We'll provide recommendations that help meet your needs and accommodate your budget and desired look. When you require something outside of our traditional product and finishes offering, our dedicated team can make it happen to meet your needs. It's our pleasure to help you with quotes, lead-times, ordering, order status, shipment tracking, damage claims, or returns for our products. Call us at 1.949.979.5597.

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